The Pearl

Once upon a time there was a girl named Christie who was walking through a garden with her mother. It was getting late so her mother said: "Christie, let's go home. Your daddy will be back from work soon." As they were walking, about to leave the garden, something caught the little girl's eye. She bent to the ground, removed some withered flowers from on top, and picked the object. "What is it, dear?" Her mother asked. "Mommy, look what I just found!". It was a pearl necklace. Not a real pearl necklace, of course, but they were still pearls... White plastic pearls. Christie was super excited with her new necklace. It was actually her first necklace. Her parents never gave her one for they feared she might lose it. But this pearl necklace was special. She wore it every day. She even went to bed with it. It was her dazzling precious treasure.

One day, Christie's father when to her bedroom to read her a story. He read to her every night. After finishing reading "The Steadfast Tin Soldier" her daddy asked her: "My dear Christie, do you love me?" Christie immediately shouted: "I love you up to the sky, daddy!". "OK, if you love me, give me your pearls.", her father replied. "Oh, dad... I can't give you my necklace... But you know what? You can have my Barbie! She is amazing! She cooks and makes the best pasta. Yum! You are going to love her!". Her father said: "No honey, you can keep your Barbie. Sweet dreams my dear Christie." "Bye bye, daddy!", Christie said.

A week after, Christie's dad read to her again, this time he read "Thumbelina". He finished the story, and looked directly into Christie's eyes, and asked: "My beloved Christie, do you love me?" Christie replied: "Yes, daddy, yes! A thousand million times yes!". Then she hugged him and kissed her father's cheek. "Then give me your pearls." That was her father's reply. "Daddy, no, not the pearls, they're mine! But you can have my purple teddy bear, the one you brought me from Italy! Signore Violetto would be happy to be your friend. He is the best! Go ahead, take him, he can even teach you some Italian." Her father then responded, "No dear, Signore Violetto is happy living here in your room. I'll see you tomorrow sweetheart." "Bye daddy!" Christie replied.

Two weeks later, Christie's father went to her room to read her a bedtime story again, and Christie said: "Daddy... Before you start reading to me, I would like to give you something." She opened up a little pink bag and gave him her necklace. The pearl necklace. With tears in her eyes Christie told her dad how much she loved him and that she wanted to make him happy. Her father was very glad she gave him her cherished necklace. "My love, I am very happy you gave me your necklace." He hugged her and read to her. That night Christie fell asleep very sad, but she was happy to have given up her necklace, for she loved her daddy very much.

The next day, Christie woke up and the sun was shining brightly that morning. As she stood up from her bed, she saw something on her dressing table. It was a Daisy. And that Daisy had a necklace and a note attached to it. The note said: "I love you so much my dear Christie! As you gave me that something that was so significant to you, now I am giving something that is very special and valuable, a real pearl necklace. It is yours my princess. Love, your Daddy." ~ THE END

I hope you enjoyed "The Pearl". This is not just a story with a moral, it's our life story. As human beings, the world offers us cheap, plastic pearls. They look like they are real, but let us face it, they are not. We cherish these things, and we hold them close to our hearts, but in the end we realize they were fake, like Christie's plastic pearl necklace. But there is a Daddy who wants to offer us the Real Deal, the Real Pearl, that Real and Valuable Treasure, and what is that? It is Salvation. That Daddy is God, and He gave His One and Only Son Jesus so we can have the Real, Special Pearl. Not fake pearls, but The Real One. Jesus Christ gave himself up, and He was nailed to the Cross because He loved me, and He loves you, and He said: "You know what, I'll die for you so you can have the Pearl that my Father offers." That Pearl is Salvation my dear friend.

Jesus loves you. God loves you. He created you so you can live an everlasting and fulfilling life. You only have to accept Him in your heart, and you will have the Pearl. Do not settle for less. Receive the Pearl.

Credits: Photo 1 and photo 2 (, "The Pearl" story based on "Hidden Treasure and Pearl Necklace Story" ( and "Stephanie Smith Interview" by liolmagazine (YouTube), "God is Jealous for You" video (PeaceWithGod.Net) -> CHECK IT OUT!


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