A short letter from The Favorite One...

Thank You Jesus for all the love You show me everyday.
Thank You Jesus because I can look up to Heaven and know that You reign.
Thank You Jesus.

I love You God, I want to know You more and more.
Help me to embrace suffering, and surrender every part of my being to You.
Guide me in this process, remove everything that has been hindering me... But make me understand that all You want is me... You want my heart, You want my soul, and You want my thoughts to reflect You... The Real You. You love me, and You are crazy about me! My name is written on the palm of Your hand.

Spirit of the Living God, Sweet Comforter, You are the One that can lead me to the heart of the Father. You know every mystery hidden in His heart. You know every plan, You know everything about Him... Reveal Him to me, so that I may live again.

Beautiful God, I am Your Favorite! You chose me! You have set me apart for Your purposes. Oh, how I want to run to You... Teach me how to be obedient, and even in the midst of uncertainty, do not let fear rule over me. Thank You for each breath, and thank You for being with me until this very day. I love You... Let my deeds show this love.


"I'll Crown You with My Love..."

Credits: Photo "Only happy when it rains" by EliseEnchanted (www.deviantART.com); video "Misty Edwards - Favorite One" by Birdiej89 (www.YouTube.com)


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