I Can Feel You

When someone is hurting or brokenhearted, the Eternal moves in close and revives him in his pain. ~ Psalm 34:18

Every time I am broken, and feeling like I am not good enough, You come to embrace my mess, and console my sad heart. You are the One that knows me, the One that cares for me. Do not let me go, oh Dear One. Everyone needs a Friend like You, and I certainly need You. I am nothing without You. God, I want to know that I will be OK. I want to be assured that I will be held when things do not go my way, and everything around me is a chaos.

You are the God that sets me free. You are the One that remains the same: faithful to the end. You satisfy my hunger, You heal my wounds, and You stay beside me when I feel very lonely. Human beings are so honored to have a God like You. You are more than a doctrine. You are more than do's and don'ts. You are a real, personal, beautiful Savior. Thank You for calling me at such a young age. Every day with You is a gift.

My identity is hidden in You. God, I wrestle each moment, and I struggle with every thought that comes from the evil one. Sometimes I doubt that You call me Your daughter, and that I belong to You. But today, I choose to believe in Your Word. The Holy Scriptures say that I am Your royal priest, a holy nation. I am Your very own possession, and as a result, I can show others Your goodness, for You have called me out of darkness into Your wonderful light.

Credits: Psalm 34:18 taken from The Voice Bible. Photo 1 "tides they turn" by Melissa Lakhena (www.deviantart.com). Photo 2 "when the oceans dance" by Hamed Al Mehairi (www.deviantart.com). Video "I Can Feel You" by Bethel Music & Jenn Johnson (www.youtube.com/ibethelmusic)


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