Girl + Boy

“You must love the Lord your God with all your heart, all your soul, and all your mind." ~ Jesus

I have always been a sucker for "chick flicks". Always. Now that I am on vacation, I have seen a couple of them. The truth is... love is just beautiful. I bet many single gals like myself watch all these movies and we are like: "Man! When will I ever meet my future husband?!" Anyhow. Yes, I would like to get married, and yes, I would like to have many children. I love big families! But, I believe it is more important to know Your God, to love Him with all you have, in order to be able to love that special person you have always dreamed about.

Our hearts can dictate so many things. I wonder what God's heart says about the guys we may have a "crush" on. One of my friends wrote something on her Facebook status today that I found fascinating: "Guys, leading is part of your makeup. A relationship with God equips you for a relationship with her." My other good friend uploaded an image that said: "A man who is not after God's heart should not be after mine." But some of us have set our eyes on men that do not have the fear of the Lord, in other words, they do not love God. My sister, who is also my best friend, continually reminds me of how the man who will take me to the altar should look like. Just yesterday, I was sighing and thinking about someone that does not match up with God's standards, and my beautiful sis said: "Mel, remember your list". Yes, I wrote a list about the guy who will steal my heart after seeing a video of Lacey Sturm, former lead singer of the band Flyleaf. Sturm says she was reading a book about purity and relationships called "And the Bride wore White" by Dannah Gresh. According to Sturm, the book says that we should make a list about what we want in a husband, so I did my list. A very long list I must say. On my list I put the personal characteristics, physical attributes and hobbies that I want in "Mr. Right". Sometimes I doubt I ever meet this one guy, but God's timing is perfect, so I do not have to worry.

So many godly people that I know are dating, engaged, or married at the moment. I feel so happy for them! I see their wedding pictures and all I know is this: It is worth waiting for the one. Hopefully you will wait too, but do not forget to fall in love with Your Eternal Bridegroom first, so that you may love your prince here on Earth.

Credits: Photo 1 "Read between the lines", photo 2 "Love is all around us" & photo 3 "Garden" by DorottyaS ( Video "Neighbor Boy" by Andrea Marie (


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