The Bridegroom is Coming...

"In the middle of the night someone yelled out, 'He's here! The bridegroom's here! Go out and greet him!'" Matthew 25:6 The Message

I have heard there is a Bridegroom...
He is a Jealous Lover...
He dresses in white robes...
His hair is golden like the afternoon sun...
He walks steadily around the fields... He is waiting for His Beloved Bride.

This man inspires beauty and goodness

It is written about him that he is the handsomest of men.
Every word of his lips is sheer grace.
And his God has blessed him so much...

He is a Warrior!
He straps his sword to his side.
Everyone praises him.
He rides majestically on his white horse.
He rides triumphantly.
He rides on the side of truth.
He rides for the righteous meek.

His instructions are glow-in-the-dark

He shoots sharp arrows into the enemy's heart.
His foes lie down in the dust, beaten.
His throne is God's throne, ever and always.
The scepter of His royal rule measures right living.
This Prince loves the right and hates the wrong.
And that is why God, His very own God
poured fragrant oil on His head.

He is Jesus, the Bridegroom of Our souls.

The Bride To Be

In open fields of wild flowers,
she breathes the air and flies away
She thanks her Jesus for the daises and the roses
in no simple language
Someday she'll understand the meaning of it all
He's more than the laughter or the stars in the heavens
As close a heartbeat or a song on her lips
Someday she'll trust Him and learn how to see Him
Someday He'll call her and she will come running
and fall in His arms and the tears will fall down and she'll pray,

"I want to fall in love with You"

Credits: Image 1 "This is Freedom" by piratephotography ( The Bride To Be paragraph was taken from the song "Love Song For a Savior" by Jars of Clay. Post inspired by Psalm 45 (The Message).


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